Music by Greg

Music by Greg Stentz  Click this link to listen to “Spirit” the song written for Leah.

Greg just completed his 9th CD scheduled for release spring of 2015.  It is completely instrumental combining acoustic guitar, classical guitar with surprise appearances by other unique guitars and various sound effects to give each song life.  This CD appropriately called ‘Elements’, began as a therapeutic experiment in spirit.  As the writing continued however, the music spoke to a deeper connection.  As they were brought to life, each song began to show the personality of a child as the musical creation and ode to each of Greg’s children.  This emotional journey is heard and felt in these beautiful compositions. His wife Melissa has been brought to tears and smiles by each song.


Earth- A song for Chrissy

Air- A song for John

Water- A song for Ryan

Fire- A song for Tate

Spirit- A song for Leah

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