Teaching Policies
Greensboro, NC
Greg Stentz – Instructor
Email: gstentz@att.net

Greg offers lessons in Greensboro, NC.  Lesson times are offered Monday through Friday 5pm – 7:30pm and Saturday 10 a.m. until 4p.m.

Call for details and availability.


• Payment for the upcoming month is due on or before the first lesson of the month.
• Tuition is pro-rated for late enrollments.
• Cost is $80.00 per month, check or cash= 4 – 30 minute lessons.
• If payment isn’t received before the 2nd lesson, make-ups will be forfeited.
• Single lesson purchases for gifts or non-registered students is $25.00 per lesson.

Missed Lessons
1. As a courtesy, please notify the instructor in 24 hours in advance of any absence at 336-508-4409. The retail stores should not be contacted
for any scheduling reasons and cannot take messages in regards to absences or tardiness.

2. A weekly teaching time for the student is reserved, however the following cancellation policy is offered.

• Minimum 24 hour notice required.
• The 5th week of the month is reserved for make-ups. Example, if your lesson time is on Thursdays and there are 5 Thursdays in a month, on
the 5th Thursday, you would not have a lesson.
• 1 cancellation makeup is offered per month per student.
• It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the makeup within 2 weeks of the cancellation at a mutually convenient time to the student
and instructor, otherwise the makeup is forfeited.
• No makeup lessons will be rescheduled or credited if the makeup lesson is cancelled or missed.

3. In the event the instructor cancels a lesson, a makeup lesson will be credited.

4. In the event of inclement weather cancellation or cancellations due to holidays falling on scheduled lesson time, a makeup will be scheduled.

Registration Fee
A $20.00 registration fee for new students is required prior to the first lesson. The fee will be applied to the monthly lesson tuition once
lessons begin. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Returned Check Fee
A $25.00 returned check service charge will be applied to all checks returned by the bank. Reimbursement must then be made by money order or
cash within 10 days of student notification.

Change of Information
Notify instructor within one week of phone # or address change.

Excessive Absence
If a student misses two lessons without notification, it is assumed that the student has dropped. The lesson time will be forfeited and the
student must contact the instructor at 336-508-4409 to reschedule a new lesson time.

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